Ima na stanju


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Hario hand coffee grinder, made of ceramics, wood and steel. The grinder is made of high-quality metarials, offers grind adjustment and provides even grinding.
Thanks to the simple adjustment, you will grind coffee for the selected brewing method. The grinder is especially recommended for pour-over brewing methods. Ceramic burrs do not affect the taste of coffee and never rust. Additionally, they are durable and do not generate heat during grinding.
The hopper is equipped with a lid, so the beans do not pop out while grinding. The ground coffee goes directly to the screw-on bottom container, from which you can conveniently pour it into the brewer. The hopper holds about 30g at a time, which is enough for several servings of coffee.

Manufactured by: Hario

Country of origin: Japan

Material: Stainless steel, ceramics, olive wood

Capacity: 30gr

Barcode: 8606110534255

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